5G has symbiotic relationship with the orchestrated pandemic


5G will be used to continue the "pandemic" panic by producing positive tests and flu like symptoms.

Let's begin by watching this one minute video, in which an installer of 5G towers shows us inside of a 5G circuit board with letters COV 19 printed inside it. 

We need to first understand that "Covid-19" has never been isolated with unique symptoms that would identify it as a unique pathogen.  Rather, it is a loose syndrome with many random symptoms. Just as "autism" presents as a wide spectrum of symptoms which collectively are called "autism", and just as AIDS presents similarly as a wide spectrum of symptoms but is not one virus or "disease" which "infects" someone, so too is "Covid-19" simply a designation.  

Repeat, the "pandemic", an arbitrary word now defined by WHO as any new disease that doesn't have to be deadly but once so named will mobilize 193 nations under WHO dictates,  is not based on a proven unique virus, it is a loose designation. (See The Test Page)  This short video mentions how the quickly mutating Covid bioweapon is a chimera. A genetic chimerism or chimera is a single organism composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype. 

The flu like symptoms of "Covid" also include symptoms of oxygen deprivation, which 5G can and does produce.  5G will broadcast at 60 GHz, which is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules.  


At 60 GHz, the extremely high atmospheric absorption level is due primarily to the molecular composition of the atmosphere. Figure 3 illustrates the atmospheric attenuation characteristics for wavelengths from 3 cm to 0.3 mm. For millimeter waves, the primary absorption molecules are H 2 O, O 2, CO 2 and O 3.

Many doctors have noticed that emergency patients are not  arriving with pneumonia like symptoms that would call for ventilator therapy, but rather with something like hypoxia, high altitude sickness, an inability to absorb oxygen. The ventilators can damage and cause death, adding to the fake over blown statistics.

More data shows a high death rate for patients treated under current ventilator practices. [which will all be counted as "covid" deaths. See CDC page] At the same time, these doctors are saying their patients behave more like they have high altitude sickness than a viral infection. They talk about two different types of  COVID-19 [ read - "test positive" - See Test Page] patients with differing severe lung problems.

Also flu vaccinations themselves can cause the respiratory symptoms of thje Covid sydrome according to the Dept. of Defense.  Is the Dept. of Defense a conspiracy theorist?  No. 

Their study shows that people who take flu shots could then be designated as "covid patients" and if they test positive for any exosomes (with RNA fragments),  they will then be called "infected" and a "confirmed case."  That wording will be on TV news and Honolulu Star Advertiser and The Garden Island News, to panic us.  The media operation (orchestrated largely by Dr. Anthony Fauci) wants panic. The official story has been concocted.  The main-stream-official-story media will never share the 5G info presented here because they are intentionally hiding it. They will not even investigate it.

5G, like all wifi and EMF, disrupts cell metabolism as thousands of studies have shown, but these studies are never reported either.  Posts with the  5G - Covid connection are now banned on Facebook and Youtube (deep state gatekeepers) to keep us dumbed down, so that the the "plan-demic" can succeed through our hypnotism.  

Even the local utility here on Kauai, KIUC, would not consider any safety review of their Smart Meters. See History of Site at bottom of Home page.

5G can and does disrupt cells which will create exosomes which have RNA fragments which will trigger a "positive test" result, and thus a "confirmed case" and thus panic on headlines, and finally, knee jerk shut down orders by local officials.  No one wants to be seen as "irresponsible."  5G then will potentially continue the "pandemic" indefinitely,.

5G does not "create Covid" as CIA debunk websites like CIA Snopes or Metabunk like to smear.  They are hiding what the truth is, by rewording.  No one is saying 5G creates a virus.

Rather, 5G creates the test results, AND also the symptoms that will be designated, within the spectrum syndrome, as "Covid".  

Again, no "Covid virus" has been identified using the standard method of identification now used for over a century.


For two centuries, Koch's postulates have set the gold standard for establishing the microbiological etiology of infection and disease.

Now, perhaps for the first time on the internet, it needs to be stated that there is a symbiotic relationship between 5G and the "pandemic". (Symbiosis - noun - A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.)

Let me explain. 

When 5G creates symptoms and illness, this can be included in the Covid Spectrum and  blamed on "the pandemic".   a

And when 5G disrupts cells that then produce exosomes with RNA fragments, these can show up as "positive tests" which is then called "confirmed cases."   

Thus, 5G is benefiting the Pandemic Operation with fake statistics. 

Meanwhile, the symptoms and illness will not be blamed on 5G, the real culprit. So by substitution, the blamed "pandemic" will exonerate and benefit 5G roll out, which is "harmless" according to crooked FCC, by  local utilites (KIUC on Kauai), by Main Stream Media, Google,  Facebook and Twitter.  Combined, this constellation is our programmed official story,  how we are led to think.  We are led to thik that 5G is harmless and there is a "pandemic.."  Real numbers (two minute ER Doctor video) prove otherwise.

We need to understand that zero safety studies have ever been done on 5G by the telecom industries.  When Senator Blumenthal in a congressional hearing asked industry about safety, they answered that there have been no 5G safety studies.  The FCC should be prosecuted!  

Please see this link by former Maui resident Josh de Sol.


5G will further the police state by producing evidence of "Covid", which would be 5G produced symptoms and 5G produced "positive test" results. This is why the two are scheduled together, right now.  It is not coincidence.

The 5G is helping create what appears to be a pandemic, and the distraction of the pandemic is allowing 5G to be rolled out without resistance.  

Just see how the Hong Kong protests, the French Yellow Vest protests, and the Mauna Kea protests were shut down, eclipsed by "the pandemic."  But, people are waking up and the protests are starting back up... ( Hong Kong)

So right now, who will protest 5G?  Only a few.  See Mayor's Page.

Thus, while citizens are told to stay at home, 5G is stealthily being installed as fast as possible.  And 5G will further the appearance of a pandemic.  In fact, 5G could prolong the appearance of a pandemic forever. And that is the plan as we shall see below.


CONFIRMED: 5G and related tech is being deployed at or near many schools during the lockdown. Last week, after seeing video of some installations of 5G and apparent biometrics at schools during the lockdown, we asked readers to share any evidence they had regarding this apparently fast-tracked deployment in their neighborhoods.

Let's remember that From October 18-27 2019, Wuhan hosted the Military World Games and specifically used 5G for the event. Also (coincidence?) on October 18th, 2019 in New York, the Johns Hopkins Center which has produced so much hyperbole with over blown statistical propaganda, in partnership with World Economic Forum  and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201– “A Global Pandemic Exercise” which was a simulation of a pandemic using, wait for it,  a coronavirus.  

Yes, these three are central to the 'plan-demic"  In their own words  they say, "John  Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19."   There you have it.  They not only practiced for their roles in Event 201, but then took the lead on implementation a few months later.

A criminal investigator would not use coincidence theory here.   We see, Hopkins at the "forefront of international response", we see Gates-funded-WHO  dictating pandemic policy. (Rockefeller/Gates working with Rockefeller/Rothschild that created UN that created WHO.  Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild - one club. )  We also see Gates CEO is dictating Facebook policy (see Facebook page)  We see Gates hosting  Event 201 exactly when 5G rollout was ramped up.  

A detective connects clues and leads. People are getting hurt. There is a crime going on because the lock down is much more dangerous than a mortality rate similar to annual flu.  We must understand the crime.

Again, the more 5G antennas, the more "Covid" symptoms plus the more "confirmed cases".  

"Confirmed cases" divided by number of 5G antennas equals "infections" per antenna.


Though the tests may be fake and justify lock down,  the symptoms surely are not fake.  (See second essay about history of frequency created pandemics on Overview Page.)

And is it a coincidence that Wuhan was first city in world to install dense network of 10,000 5G antennas?

At least 10,000 5G Antennas Installed in Wuhan alone... What has not been apparent in the news reports is the fact that China in its rush to take the lead in the 5G race, had by the end of 2019 (and mostly within the last several months leading up to the COVID-19 outbreak) ...

In Europe, one of the first cities to install 5G was Turin, Italy, which just coincidentally has high "Covid" death rates. 


Turin will be the first Italian city and among the first in Europe to be connected to a 5G mobile network: the agreement reached between the Municipality of Turin and TIM marks the start of the experiment scheduled to start in 2018 and expected to gradually extend the new mobile ultrabroadband infrastructure to the entire city by 2020.


Mar 28, 2020  Red Cross staff at work in Turin, Italy. Some 70,065 people across the country are infected [read -"test positive" ] with Covid-19. 

The plain fact that the Italian Covid crisis was pre-planned was caught by this citizen journalist in Rome.

The coincidence "spreads" to South America...

The town of Guayaquil in Ecuador, was first area with 5G and has been hit hard with deaths. but main stream media (MSM) also known as "fake news", has sensationalized and exaggerated deaths there to produce fear here, showing bodies on street (on the way to cemetery which isn't mentioned) ,  misreported everywhere, and failed to mention the 5G!

Does the reader still think this is a coincidence? 


3G / 4G / 5G in Guayaquil coverage map, Ecuador Cellular data networks in Guayaquil, Provincia del Guayas, Ecuador . 


Desde el jueves se realiza la exposición de la tecnología 5G en el Palacio de Cristal, en Guayaquil. Es el segundo evento en el país; el primero fue en Quito a cargo de Movistar.

https://www.telecompaper.com/news/claro-ecuador-trialling-5g-in-guayaquil--1308376Claro (America Movil) has conducted a range of 5G demonstrations at an event organized by the country's telecom ministry at Guayaquil's Palacio de Cristal venue.

We must stop 5G, because 5G will not only hurt humans, not only bring about a police state by helping the appearance of a pandemic, but will also hurt and eventually cause extinction of all plants and animals. Did you know that Elon Musk plans to put up tens of thousands of 5G satellites and has already received permit to install one million ground antennas? 


Elon Musk's SpaceX is leading these efforts with its planned deployment of 42,000 Starlink satellites and its goal of establishing a global [one world government with all human beings chipped.] network. To provide service, SpaceX states that it requires an infrastructure of one million on-the-ground antennas to connect its satellites with the ground user.

Nightmare is right. All life is threatened. Every square inch of planet will be hit by frequencies that never existed before.  Remember from the Overview Page that frequencies have a history of causing pandemic, including the Spanish Radio Wave Flu. 

We must stop 5G and not be distracted and shut down by the insane power hungry Plan-demic organizers. Who is that?  See the Gates Page and the WEF Page.

Again, remember, the symbiotic relationship.  The "pandemic" hides the symptoms of 5G, and 5G provides the symptoms and positive tests that justify Lock Down, or "Lock Step" as planned by the Roth-fellers.  Conspiracy theory?  Do you think their own documents were written by "conspiracy theorists?" See their own words in below PDF.


Rockefeller plan details government takeover through pandemic martial law-  March 15, 2020 


Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network white paper published in May of 2010 reveals a planned scenario in which governments around the world would be able to more easily take over society and institute a total and complete Orwellian police state by locking down the remaining few humans that survive a contrived pandemic outbreak.



The Rockefeller Foundation supports work that expands [our] opportunity and strengthens [read- weakens] resilience to social, economic, health, and environmental challenges — affirming its pioneering philanthropic mission, since 1913 [When the oil robber barons started painting themselves as kind], to "promote the well-being" of humanity. We take a synergistic, strategic approach that places a high value on [staying in control] ...  [This is all double speak.  Change every word to the opposite. They are trying to co-opt your mind.]


Written 10 years ago chronicles how to bring the world down with a pandemic | This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation.

The reader may need time to take stock and understand the mind programming that has taken away your job and deprived your family from getting needed sunlight outdoors.  But we don't have much time.

Let's end the lock down and get back to work. Much of world will be hungry and rioting within weeks. End the lock down!

vodaphone Technician echoes 5g=Coved symbiosis


The Link between Corona Virus and 5G, Vodafone insider reveals coincidences

Deeper medical and technical connections


MAKIA FREEMAN  19 February 2020

is a very important factor when trying to comprehend the coronavirus (formerly abbreviated 2019-nCoV, now COVID-19) outbreak. Various independent researchers around the web, for around 2-3 weeks now, have highlighted the coronavirus-5G link despite the fact that Google (as the self-appointed NWO Censor-in-Chief) is doing its best to hide and scrub all search results showing the connection. 

The coronavirus 5G connection doesn’t mean the bioweapons connection is false (it’s not a case of either-or), but rather broadens the scope of the entire event. 

Wuhan was one of the test cities chosen for China 5G rollout; 5G went live there on October 31st, 2019, almost exactly 2 months before the coronavirus outbreak began. Meanwhile, many scientific documents on the health effects of 5G have verified that it causes flu-like symptoms

This article reveals the various connections behind the coronavirus phenomenon, including how 5G can exacerbate or cause the kind of illness you are attributing to the new virus. The rabbit hole is deep so let’s take a dive.

5G – A Type of Directed Energy Weapon

For the deeper background to 5G, read my 2017 article 5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast. Many people around the world, including concerned citizens, scientist and even governmental officials, are becoming aware of the danger of 5G. This is why it has already been banned in many places worldwide, such as Brussels, the Netherlands and parts of Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the UK, the USA and Australia. 

After all, 5G is not just the next generation of mobile connectivity after 4G; it is a radical and entirely new type of technology – a military technology used on the battlefield that is now being ‘deployed’ (military term) in the civilian realm. It is phased array weaponry being sold and disguised as primarily a communications system when the frequency bands it uses (24GHz – 100+GHz including MMW [millimeter waves]) are the very same ones used in Active Denial Systems, i.e. crowd control. 

Even mainstream Wikipedia describes Active Denial Systems as directed energy weaponry; it disperses crowds by firing energy at them, causing immediate and intense pain, including a sensation of the skin burning. Remember, directed energy weapons (DEW) are behind the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the fake Californian ‘wildfires’.

Numerous scientists have warned of the dangerous health effects of 5G. For instance, in this 5G Appeal from 2017 entitled Scientists and Doctors Warn of Potential Serious Health Effects of 5G, scientists warned of the harmful of non-ionizing RF/EMF radiation:

“Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general wellbeing in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals.”

If you listen to Mark Steele and Barrie Trower, you’ll get an idea of the horrifying effects of 5G. In this interview, Trower echoes the above quote by stating how 5G damages the immune system of trees and kills insects. He reveals how in 1977, 5G was tested on animals in hopes of finding a weapon. The results were severe demyelination – stripping the protective sheath of nerve cells. Some nations are now noticing a 90% loss of insects (including pollinating insects like bees) which congregate around lamp-posts where 5G is installed.

Wuhan Military Games and Event 201 Simulation 

If you dig deep enough, some disturbing connections arise between 5G and the men who have developed or are developing vaccines for novel viruses like ebola, zika and the new coronavirus COVID-19. 

In a fantastic piece of research, an author under the pen name of Annie Logical wrote the article Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing that lays out the coronavirus 5G connection. There is a ton of information, so I will break it all down to make it more understandable.

From October 18-27th 2019, Wuhan hosted the Military World Games and specifically used 5G (for the first time ever) for the event. Also on October 18th, 2019 in New York, the Johns Hopkins Center in partnership with World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 – “A Global Pandemic Exercise” which is a simulation of a pandemic. 

Guess what virus they happen to choose for their ‘simulation’? A coronavirus! Guess what animal cells they use? Pig cells! (COVID-19 was initially reported to be derived from a seafood market, and the fish there are known to be fed on pig waste). 

Event 201 includes the UN (since the WEF now has a partnership agreement with UN), Big Pharma (Johnson and Johnson), Bill Gates (key figure in pushing vaccines, human microchipping and Agenda 2030) and both China and America’s CDC. Participants in Event 201 recommended that governments force social media companies to stop the spread of ‘fake news’ and that ultimately the only way to control the information would be for the WHO (World Health Organization, part of the UN) to be the sole central purveyor of information during a pandemic.

Inovio, Electroporation and 5G

As reported on January 24th, 2020, US biotech and pharmaceutical company Inovio received a $9 million grant to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Inovio got the money grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), however they already have an existing partnership with CEPI; in April 2018 they got up to $56 million to develop vaccines for Lassa Fever and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). CEPI was founded in Davos by the governments of Norway and India, the Wellcome Trust … and the participants of Event 201: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WEF. 

CEPI’s CEO is the former director of BARDA (US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) which is part of the HHS. Inovio claimed they developed a coronavirus vaccine in 2 hours! On the face of it such a claim is absurd; what is more likely is that they are lying or that they already had the vaccine because they had the foreknowledge that the coronavirus was coming and was about to be unleashed.

So who owns and runs Inovio? Two key men are David Weiner and Dr. Joseph Kim. Weiner was once Kim’s university professor. Weiner was involved with developing a vaccine for HIV and zika (you can read my articles about zika here and here where I exposed some of the lies surrounding that epidemic). Kim was funded by Merck (a large Big Pharma company) and produced something called Porcine Circovirus (PCV 1 and PCV 2). 

As mentioned above, there is a link between pig vaccines/pig DNA and the coronavirus; Annie Logical notes that it “has long been established that seafood in the area is fed on pig waste.” 

Kim served a 5-year tenure as a member of the WEF’s Global Agenda Council – yet another organ pushing the New World Order One World Government under the banner of Agenda 2030 Global Governance.

Weiner is an employee and advisor to the FDA, is considered a DNA technology expert and pioneered a new DNA transference method called electroporation – a microbiology technique which uses an electrical pulse to create temporary pores in cell membranes through which substances like chemicals, drugs or DNA can be introduced into the cell. 

This technique can be used to administer DNA vaccines, which inject foreign DNA into a host’s cells that changes the host’s DNA. This means if you take a DNA vaccine, you are allowing your DNA to be changed! As if vaccines weren’t already horrific enough … but here’s the kicker; electroporation uses pulsed waves. Guess what else uses pulsed waves? 5G! This is either a startling coincidence or evidence or a sinister coronavirus 5G-connection. Annie writes:

“[T]he same action that 5G technology uses in pulsed waves and the coronavirus was reported to have started in an area in China that had rolled out 5G technology! So we can see how geneticists using scientists are tampering with the building blocks of our existence and what is disturbing is that Prof Wiener is a HIV pioneer and we know that soon after the Polio vaccines were given to millions in Africa that HIV emerged. They have perfected the art of injecting animal or bird DNA into human chromosomes which alters our DNA and causes things like haemorrhaging, fever, cancers and even death.”

[image in original article]

Speaking of HIV (which is not the same things as AIDS, but that is another story), remember also that a group of Indian scientists put out their research that the [Covid-19] virus was manmade and had HIV inserts. They found that 4 separate HIV genes were randomly embedded within the coronavirus. These genes somehow converged to create receptor sites on the virus that were identical to HIV, which was a surprise due to their random placement. They also specifically stated that this was not likely to happen naturally (“unlikely to be fortuitous in nature”). In yet another example of egregious censorship, these scientists were pressured to withdraw their work.

5G and Electroporation DNA Vaccines – Both Producing Pulsed EMF Waves

Consider the implications of this for a moment. The technology exists to use EMFs to open your very skin pores and inject foreign DNA into your bloodstream and cells. This is an extreme violation of your bodily sovereignty, and it can have long-term effects, because of genetic mutation – changing your very DNA which is the biological blueprint and physical essence of who you are.

What if 5G mimics electroporation? What if 5G can do on a large scale what electroporation does on a small scale? We already know that 5G has the potential to be mutagenic (DNA-damaging). The frequencies that 5G uses, especially 75-100GHz, interact with the geometrical structure of our skin and sweat ducts, acting upon them like a transmission reaching an antenna, and fundamentally affecting us and our mood.

What if 5G is being used to open up the skin of those in Wuhan so as to allow the new bioweapon coronavirus to infiltrate more easily?

Mandatory Vaccines, Depopulation and Transhumanism

So, what’s at the bottom of the coronavirus-5G connection rabbit hole?

I would suggest we [will] find mandatory vaccine agenda, the depopulation agenda and transhumanist agenda (via DNA vaccines). The key figures and groups who appear to have planned this already have the vaccine in place, just as they did for the other epidemics that fizzled out (SARS, ebola and zika). Weiner even has links to HIV/AIDS, and if you dive into that as Jon Rappoport did, you find gaping holes in that story.

It’s the same epidemic/pandemic game played out every 2-3 years. There’s a couple of versions. 

In the first version, you invent a virus, hype it up, get people scared, do ineffectual and inconclusive tests (e.g. like the PCR test which measures if a viral fragment is present but doesn’t tell you the quantities of whether it would actually causing the disease), inflate the body count, justify quarantine/martial law and brainwash people into thinking they have to buy the (toxic) vaccine and introduce mandatory vaccination. You don’t even need a real virus or pathogen for the [first] version. 

In the second version, you create a virus as a bioweapon, release it as a test, pretend it was a natural mutation, watch how many people it kills (which helps with the eugenics and depopulation agendas), again justify martial law, again justify the need for mandatory vaccines and even pose as the savior with the vaccine that stops it. 

As a variation on this second version, you can even develop a race-specific bioweapon so as to reduce the population of rival nations or enemy races as a geopolitical strategy. This article suggests that the coronavirus targets Chinese people/Asians more than others, and certainly the official death count attests to that, although it’s always hard to trust governmental statistics. 

Annie Logical gives her take:

“The con job goes like this.
Step 1) poison the population purposely to create disease that does not and would never occur naturally
Step 2) parlay the purposely created disease as being caused by something invisible, outside the realm of control or knowledge of the average person
Step 3) create a toxic vaccine or medication that was always intended to further poison the population into an early grave
Step 4) parlay the vaccine or medication poisoning as PROOF the disease, which never existed, is much worse than anticipated
Step 5) increase the initial poisoning, which is marketed as a fake disease, and also increase the vaccine and medication poisoning, to start piling the bodies into the stratosphere
Step 6) repeat as many times as possible upon an uninformed population because killing a population this way (the art of having people line up to kill themselves with poison……known as a “soft kill” method) is the only legal way to make sure such eugenic operations can be executed on mass and in plain sight.“

DNA vaccines are a disturbing new advancement for transhumanism. After all, the objective of the transhumanist agenda is to merge man with machine, and in doing so, wipe out what fundamentally makes us human, so we can be controlled and overtaken by a deeply sinister and negative force. It’s all about changing us at the fundamental level, or attacking human sovereignty itself. DNA vaccines fit right in with that – literally changing your DNA by forcefully inserting foreign DNA to change your genetics, with consequences no one could possibly fully foresee and predict.

One Last Coronavirus-5G Connection

Finally, I will finish with another coronavirus-5G connection. The word coronavirus itself refers to many kinds of viruses by that name, not just COVID-19. Guess who owns a patent for a coronavirus strain that can be used to develop a vaccine? The Pirbright Institute.  And guess who partially owns them? Bill Gates! 

As you can read here Pirbright is being supported in their vaccine developement endeavors by a British company, Innovate UK … who also funds and supports the rollout of 5G. Innovate UK ran a competition in 2018 with a £15 million share out to any small business that could produce vaccines for ‘epidemic’ potential.

The Motivation to Hype and the Motivation to Downplay

History has shown that in cases of epidemics (or fake epidemics) there is almost always a morass of conflicting reports and contradictory information. In such situations, it can be very difficult to get to the bottom of the matter and find the truth. 

The conflict stems from the different motivations of nations, governments and other interested groups. Essentially, there are 2 main motivations: the motivation to hype (exaggerate and use fear to grab attention, sell something, make a group look bad/incompetent, make people scared, make the public accept mandatory vaccination and martial law) and the motivation to downplay (cover up and hide the true extent of the damage, morbidity or mortality so as to appear competent and in control, to lessen possible anger, backlash or disorder). 

Sometimes, these 2 motivations may drive the behavior of the same group, e.g. in the case of the Chinese Government, it has the motivation to hype (to get people afraid so they easily follow its draconian quarantine rules) and the motivation to downplay (so as to appear in the eyes of its people and the rest of the entire world to have the situation under control, to ensure saving face, credibility and a good reputation).

Final Thoughts on the Coronavirus 5G Connection

Governments around the world have experimented with bioweapons both on their own citizens and foreign citizens, and even sold that research to other governments for their own benefit (e.g. Japan’s notorious Unit 731 which developed bioweapons in China, only to hand over that research to the US after losing World War 2). See Bioweapons: Lyme Disease, Weaponized Ticks, Plum Island & More for a brief history of the USG’s usage of weaponized ticks which resulted in Lyme Disease. 

The evidence that COVID-19 is a bioweapon is overwhelming – and so is the evidence that 5G is involved to either cause the flu-like symptoms/pneumonia people have been experiencing, and/or to exacerbate the virulity of the virus by weakening people’s immune systems and subjecting them to pulsed waves of EMF to open up their skin to foreign DNA fragments (including viruses).  

[And third is that 5G can disturb cells to produce exosomes that will then create RNA fragments that will create a "test positive" and a "confirmed case" for the fake scare.]

In this kinds of story, there are no major coincidences – only connections and conspiracies waiting to be uncovered.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Steemit and FB.


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