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The tests register genetic material in exosomes as  "confirmed cases", but there are no symptoms.

Is there an actual virus or is it a phantom produced by a faulty test. David Icke articulates.

Listen closely to one of the most intuitive researchers alive.  He also covers Bill Gates and George Soros.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains how exosomes produced by cells can create a positive Covid test result.

Some of Kaufman videos have been censored from Youtube but I found it recently on Brighteon .

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the nature of Viruses    "Coronavirus Truth and 5G"    This video will probably get censored by Youtube. Important.  If it gets censored, here it is also

Dr. Rashid Buttar rips the established paradigm.

The Next News Network EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

This Youtube was banned

This one is still up as of April 24.


Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell  warns... Stop using ventilators! Patients need OXYGEN NOT PRESSURE!!!  The ventilators may be causing lung damage because of PRESSURE.  Needs to be immediately investigated....    Two minutes

Dr Thomas Cowan - It isn't a virus

This video was banned by Google/Youtube but I found it on Brighteon

Youtube still had this up on April 21. This has many medical references.

Hydroxychloroquine - No Bill Gates Vaccine Needed

Twitter bans alternative drug

Costa Rica success

France repeats successful study

US Doctors continue success

Los Angeles

ABC News attacks Trump using hydroxychloroquine

All mainstream attacks Hydroxyorangemanbad

Doublespeak -Truth is called lies - Twitter exposes itself

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Scientist Says Viruses Do Not Harm or Kill Us Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, a sci

Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, a scientist at MIT, conducts a crash course on the immune system. Viruses and bacteria comprise a large part of our bodies, and we live in harmony with them all our lives. Any potential harm they may cause is easily blocked by an efficient immune system. These things become pathogens only to those whose immune systems are impaired by such factors as old age, malnutrition, and unhealthy life style. 

However, if the body comes under attack by a new toxin to which humans have never developed natural resistance (such as heavy metals, glyphosates, GMOs, vaccine additives, or EMF from cell towers and satellites), the immune system defaults to an aggressive attack against almost everything, including healthy cells. This is called a cytokine storm. 

This self-attack by our own out-of-control immune system is what makes us sick, not the pathogen. In most cases, we recover in due course but, in extreme cases, the damage can cause death. Conclusion: Stop chasing bacteria and viruses, pay attention to the toxins that are the real cause of illness, and deliver full-spectrum nutrition to your immune system.  

Source of info above is this video below.

Twelve Medical Experts Weigh In

Professor Emeritus Martin Pall - Massive Predicted Effects of 5G in the Context of Safety Guideline